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licenses and law

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: licenses and law
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 07:36:51 +0100

Joao Cardoso wrote:
> Hi,
> At <> you can find several
> optimization algoritms. I tried dsmax with sucess on Octave with only
> very small modofications.
> The Mathworks download license says:
>  The rules for M-file submissions are,
>         1. The authors name and address (e-mail or otherwise) must
>            be included.
> ...
>         5. All files submitted should represent your own work and
> include
>            no material copyrighted by The MathWorks or any other party.
>         6. This archive is publicly accessible.  All files submitted
>            to the archive are subject to public distribution.  Please
>            submit only those files you wish to be put into the public
>            domain.
> And I supose that they can be distributed with Octave. As I am not an
> Optimization guru, I can't rewrite those functions "without looking the
> code", but I can adapt them for use with Octave. Is it legal?

Be careful, they have a free download side (some m-files from
volunteers) AND another toolbox they sell (probably 
other copyright).

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