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Announce: gnuplot 3.7 released

From: Lars Hecking
Subject: Announce: gnuplot 3.7 released
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 15:01:27 -0600 (CST)

[I'm forwarding this to the info-octave mailing list because it may be
of interest to Octave users.  I have not yet tried using gnuplot 3.7
with Octave.  If you try it and notice problems with Octave's interface
to gnuplot, please send a bug report describing the problem to the
address@hidden mailing list.  --jwe]

This is the official announcement of the release of gnuplot 3.7.
(Version 3.6 was renamed to 3.7 to avoid confusion with the many
BETA versions which are circulating within the Internet.)  The
official date and time of this version is:
        Date: Thu Jan 14 19:34:53 BST 1999
        Version: 3.7, Patchlevel 0

One of the most important changes in this release is the revised
copyright statement. gnuplot can now be distributed in binary form
even if the sources were modified, provided that the conditions
in the copyright statement are satisfied.

There are now two new official web sites for gnuplot: and
[Not up to date yet - sorry. -lh]

Please note that the official gnuplot FAQ at
is seriously out of date!

By the time you receive this, copies of gnuplot-3.7.tar.gz
should be at the official repositories. Binary versions for
various non-Unix platforms will be made available in the same
places. Please allow a couple of days for these distributions
to appear.

All distribution archives are signed with a public key, which is
available from public key servers.  For more information, see the
README and PGPKEYS file at the distribution sites.



     Anonymous ftp to

     Alternatively, you can use your web browser to get gnuplot
     from the gnuplot web pages at

     Anonymous ftp to Please try the
     other sites first!


     Anonymous ftp to

[ Latest News: another .au mirror at
 -lh ]


     Anonymous ftp to

     Anonymous ftp to


     The Macintosh version will be available from

     Source and binary distributions for the Amiga will be available
     on Aminet <URL:> and its mirrors.


 During the more than 5 years since the release of gnuplot version 3.5,
 many new features have been added:

 o integration of Carsten Grammes' gnufit extension
 o support for Win32/NT, OS9
 o new terminal drivers (eg. djsvga, emx, gif[1], HP 75550, Linux SVGA,
   png[2], texdraw)
 o dates and/or times, in various formats, can be used as input data
 o multiplot mode to plot several plots on the same page, window, or screen
 o greatly enhanced terminal drivers (X11, Amiga, OS/2, postscript, fig,
 o new errorbar styles: boxerrorbars, financebars, candlesticks
 o greatly improved (mostly automatic) configuration on Unix platforms
 o greatly improved hidden3d algorithm
 o better postscript documentation
 o ... and a lot more

 [1] the gif terminal driver requires third party software. The gd graphics
     library version 1.3 or later can be downloaded from

 [2] the png terminal driver requires third party software. The png graphics
     library and zlib can be downloaded from

 The gnuplot team would like to thank everybody who has contributed
 to this release through discussions, suggestions, bug reports, and patches,
 on Usenet and mailing lists. Special thanks go to Alex Woo for setting
 up and maintaining the new gnuplot web sites.
                                        -Thomas Williams-
                                        -Alex Woo-
                                        -David Denholm-
                                        -Lars Hecking-

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