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Pretty gnuplot plots

From: Martin Senator
Subject: Pretty gnuplot plots
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 16:39:05 -0500

     When writing a report that includes graphs I use groff on linux:
$ groff -p -e -t -mgm  ...  .
(The -p says use the pic preprocessor,
 the -e says use the eqn preprocessor,
 the -t says use the tbl preprocessor,
 and the -mgm says use the gm [originally mm] set of macros.)
The default output is to make a postscript file.
This setup allows greek letters, subscripts, superscripts, font
size changes, bold, italic, etc. in the finished document.

For figures I take the working graphs generated using octave and
spruce them up.

?? Basic Question ??

How can I include features on these graphs like greek letters,
subscripts, superscripts, font size changes, two line titles, high level
labeling commands (where I don't have to specify where on the figure to
write things - there are sensible defaults), point markers other
than '.' '+' 'o', thinner lines, etc.?

I now make postscript files, one per figure, as follows, but I could
change to pic figures if that would help.  (It would be too difficult
for me to change to latex for the document text.)

 gset terminal postscript
 gset output ''

 titlestr = "One Line Title"
 xlabelstr = "Abscissa, (one line)"

 plot (   x,  y,  '.'
         ,u,  v,  '-5'
 gset label "Label Words" at 0.12 3.45 center
 xlabel ( xlabelstr )
 title  ( titlestr )
 system( 'rm' )
 gset output ''


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