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Re: An octave perl module?

From: Gordon Haverland
Subject: Re: An octave perl module?
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 06:23:01 -0700

Michael Preminger wrote:
> If I understand it correctly, Heisam wants to use Octave as a calculator
> for number crunching applications implemented  with scripts. Given this,
> Swig could be used if Octave provided library functions that can be used
> in a stand alone manner, (link the library, use functions in stand alone
> and obtain results) and do not require the Octave environment to run
> under.
> Now my question: Does Octave provide this option?
> Thanks!
> Daniel Heiserer wrote:
> > Haisam K. Ido wrote:
> > >
> > > Is there an octave perl module?

If a person wanted to call octave within perl, with the
octave environment active, you would probably need to
use the perl modules that act like expect.  Essentially
perl would be acting as a user, running octave via a
pty (pseudoterminal).


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