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Re: Problems installing Octave under Windows 95

From: Dave Borger
Subject: Re: Problems installing Octave under Windows 95
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 16:17:38 -0800

OK. Back from meeting.  I moved the entire
...\octave-2.0.13-i386-pc-cygwin32 installation directory to the C drive
(and renamed it 'tio' to avoid all of the typing).  The Cygnus utilities
are still on the D drive and on the DOS PATH.   Throughout this process,
whether I have been trying to run bash or sh to install Octave, if the
install-octave script could be processed at all, it always failed on the
./mkinstalldir line saying that it could not open the file.  As a result
the directory structure was not created.  Back on the D drive I did that
manually.  I'm having the same problem here and so am copying that
structure over to the C drive.

Next I've run sh install-octave (not bash for reasons previously
discussed).  The xargs problem still semi-crashes the script (haven't
reported that yet; will do so) but the recovery seems cleaner.  I have
not included OCTAVE_HOME in my autoexec and deleted the previous setting
and I changed the reference to D:\octave\bin to C:\octave\bin and
rebooted.  It works!  Well, obviously I haven't tested everything, but
'rows' and 'columns' do work find.  I don't think I mentioned it before,
but while 'help' worked for some functions, like sqrt, it failed for
rows and columns.

The startup seems to work as 'bash octave' or 'sh octave' but only  from
the /octave/bin directory.  Is there a way to get bash or sh to find
octave from anywhere?  C:\octave\bin is on the path (I put a simple
batch file there which executes from anywhere) but sh/bash octave only
work when octave\bin is the current directory. I have noticed that
$ exec octave.bin
works from anywhere.  Is there a more straight forward way?
results in
octave: permission denied.

Also is there a way to generate executable Octave programs in a Windows
environment?  I saved my test program:

#! c:/octave/bin/octave.bin -qf
printf ("Hello, world\n");

as 'hello.'  Then while in the same directory as hello, within sh I
$ chmod a+x hello
$ hello
and got the message 'hello: not found'

By the way, I don't know if this means anything, but as you know I have
been running the install-octave program many times.  Both on the D and C
drive I have noticed that on alternate installation attempts the script
runs right throught the 'Is this correct [y/n]?' prompt.  All I have to
do is execute it again and it will pause and wait for a response.  The
next time it will not.  This is a tolerable annoyance which I mention
only on the off chance that it may reveal something else I may be doing
wrong here.

Thanks for your help


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