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Unidentified subject!

From: Chhabra
Subject: Unidentified subject!
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 06:59:41 +0400

I am new to Linux. Please look into the following sequence of messages (Most
recent first) and let me know what is going on.

I noticed that one of the "errors" was
| that octave could not find DejaGNU on my system for testing purposes.
| Accordingly, I downloaded that from and tried to install it. I got an
| error : "
| Configuring for a i586-unknown-linux host.
| Created "Makefile" in /tmp/dejagnu-1.3 using "config/mh-linux"
| configure: error:
| cannot compile a simple X program - suspect your xmkmf is
| misconfigured and is incorrectly reporting the location of your X
| include or libraries - report this to your system admin
| Configure in /tmp/dejagnu-1.3/expect failed, exiting.      
| "
| The fact is that I installed KDE on top of the Xwindows system that came
| bundled with Red Hat Linux 5.2. What should be my course of action now.
|                                Madhusudan Singh.
| On Fri, 04 Jun 1999, you wrote:
| On  4-Jun-1999, Chhabra <address@hidden> wrote:
| | Dear Sir/Ma'am,
| |      I downloaded Octave 2.0.14 from your ftp server yesterday and tried to
| | install it. (My system is a P-133 with 64MB RAM, 400MB hard disk space
| | free and running Red Hat Linux 5.2).         I followed the instructions in 
| | and INSTALL.OCTAVE and used : 1)configure
| | 2)make
| | 3)make install
| | 
| |      However, there is no octave binary generated in the /usr/local/bin
| | directory. (the default which I did not modify). Instead there are two 
| | - mkoctfile and octave-bug that have been generated. man octave brings up 
| | man page for octave and man mkoctfile exits with a cryptic Usage : .....
| | response. No man page for that. I have searched over all the hard disk for 
| | octave binary but there is none. 
| |      What could be wrong ?
| Apparently, make failed for some reason.  Were there no error
| messages?
| Please send further questions about this (with more details) to the
| help-octave mailing list.
| jwe

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