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Re: execution speed in *oct files

From: Tomislav Goles
Subject: Re: execution speed in *oct files
Date: 08 Jun 1999 06:57:59 -0400

/ "John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> wrote:
> On  7-Jun-1999, A+A Adler <address@hidden> wrote:
> | There seems to be no open source optimized BLAS available,
> Not that I know of.  And since an optimized BLAS almost always means
> machine and compiler dependent code (perhaps written in assembly
> language), and because machines and compilers keep changing, looking
> for hand-coded BLAS is probably not a very good long-term solution.
> There may be some hope for a good solution to this problem though, in
> the form of the ATLAS project:
> ATLAS may eventually provide a generic way to optimize the blas for
> any machine and compiler.  I don't think it is quite ready yet, but
> perhaps we can eventually use it to get a little bit better
> performance on all the systems where Octave can run.

What about PHiPAC? I have seen huge speedups after switching to
their dgemm_() function from the version of dgemm_() distributed
with LAPACK. As far as I remember PHiPAC is distributed under GNU
license. Take a look at
Tomislav Goles

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