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Re: Matlab File Format+some deliberations

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: Matlab File Format+some deliberations
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:59:31 +0200

As far as I have seen and see it every day again this is NOT
a well defined area. One reason is, or might be that most laws
(the real ones, done by the fathers of our constitutions,
which I pay all respect to. I mean not the laws done by todays
were created in the non-digital area.
In that time you could copy something and it wasn't the same.
Like a painting or whatever.
In todays time even if you don't copy something just look at something
e.g. matlab and you try to make something similar it could end up 
whith the same bits. (For many things there are very exposed optima)

If you see it *VERY* strict even using a language similar to matlab's
one, would mean you reverse engineer the program. (The language
itself could be given out by the "diary" command, so it is created
by the programm and mustn't be coded for something else accroding to 
that thinking).

Assume a program lets say, which is *MINE* dumps out all ascii
from \000-\177. Assume I put a license on that. That would mean *NOBODY*
is allowed to use any character any more.
Even better.... I say yes and no, 0 and 1 and the whole digital world 
is *COPYRIGHTED* by me.

*REMEMBER* a copyright could say *EVEN* *PARTS* of it ...... mustn't be
or reverse engineered.

RESULT: I have enough to do, I needn't spend my time on things, which
bring me into trouble.

*BUT* this ideas we collected here will become *VERY* interesting for
of us and for whole mankind. Depending how law moves.

I spoke of a digital area. digital/non-digital are two sides of one
Lets have a look on the non-digital area:
Everything consists of atoms. This is already a discretization.
Which could mean that if I *COPYRIGHT* which contains the elements 1-110
nobody in the world would be allowed to produce/copyright anything
because that would require at least one of *MINE* atoms. 
And again remember *AS WHOLE OR AS IN PARTS*.
Even the air to breathe could be forbidden.

There were so many stupid juristical decisions in the last years in the
new areas
like computer sciences, genetic engineering (can you imagine
that law allows *SOMEBODY* who picks up a hair of you is allowed
to patent *YOUR* DNA. Having a clever(or lets say better expensive)
lawyer could leed to the restriction that *YOU* are not allowed
to reproduce yourself. hahahaha ) and so on that I sometimes
have the feeling that our time-counter will not step to 2000 but to

These are not very smart consideratins, though they also could be done 
by a smart (better said well paid) lawyer.

The *ONLY* reason, why humanity came out of stone throwing age 
is because they *LEARNED* from each other by watching and reusing.
*REVERSE ENGINEERING* *IS* what the *MAN* differs from () but most of
everything else on earth.

The only juristically (forgive me) person who *IS* allowed to put 
a copyright concerning *REVERSE ENGINEERING* on anything, did it.
And *HE* put it under something similar to *GPL*.

G O D!

But it seems to me that in todays world people believe more in lawyers
or lets say the money, with which they can buy them *ALL* though there 
is no lawyer left for the *SMALL* man.

PS: I am neihter left-winged nor right-winged. I just want the air to
which I am convinced I have the right to.

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