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Re: Matlab File Format

From: David Doolin
Subject: Re: Matlab File Format
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 09:18:16 -0400

>I would think that as the datafile is output of the "program", then it
>would be considered reverse-engineering... here is another section I just
>found in the license:
>"Except as expressly provided by this Agreement, Licensee may not alter or
>modify the Programs without the consent of TMW. In particular, Licensse
>may not alter, adapt, translate or convert "M-Files" contained in the
>Programs in order to use those  files with any non-TMW software, nor may
>the Licensee incorporate or use "M-Files" or any other part of the
>Programs on ir as part of another computer program."
>since the data file is an output of the program... you are indirectly
>reverse-engineering the software to workout it's format.. thus I reckon
>breaching the license agreement...

Matlab is distributed with a certain amount of M-files which would 
be covered under their licensing.  I don't think they can legally 
stop someone from reverse engineering a _data_ file produced
by Matlab (yet), unless they own the data.  In other words, if
I filter a few meg of data that I own through matlab, then the
data in the output should still be my property and reverse
engineering should be legally admissable.  If this is not the 
case, it would shut down several reverse engineering projects
such as wine, etc.

Dave D

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