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Re: manipulation of matrix elements

From: Mark Hagger
Subject: Re: manipulation of matrix elements
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:10:48 +0000

On Thu, 16 Dec 1999, Michael Roth wrote:
> I tried to set a lower limit for matrix elements using the find command.
> I think there is a bug. Have a look at the following lines:     
> >> s(i,j)=0.5                 | In Matlab, this command gives 
> s =                           | s =  
>   0.50000  0.50000            |   0.50000  0.89733
>   0.50000  0.50000            |   0.77293  0.50000

As it happens Scilab gives the same answer as octave.  I suppose it is a
question of what one might mean by s(i,j), all combinations of "i" and "j" or
specifically the list of i,j values.  I have to admit that I had always assumed
that it would use the list version, but clearly not!

The only alternative (as far as I know) would be to reshape s to a vector, find
the relevant values of s in this form, then reshape back to the matrix.


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