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Re: I *do* have ncurses!

From: Dirk Laurie
Subject: Re: I *do* have ncurses!
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 13:20:36 +0200 (SAST)

Dirk Eddelbuettel skryf:
> You probably need a -dev package as well to _compile_ against ncurse. The
> one you show only allows to _run_ ncurses code. Configure probably checks
> for the hesder files, which you don't have installed.
This sounded good, so I installed the package.  But it is not the

configure: warning: I couldn't find -ltermcap, -lterminfo, -lncurses, -lcurses, 
or -ltermlib!
configure: warning: I didn't find runtest -- install DejaGNU if you want to run 
`make check'

address@hidden octave-2.0.16]$ rpm -qa | grep curse
address@hidden octave-2.0.16]$ 

Or is there some "make clean" that I should have used before
running ./config to cancel the effects of the previous run,
before ncurses-devel was installed?

Dirk L.

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