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same mem problem

From: Guest9
Subject: same mem problem
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2000 12:26:56 +1300

Thanks's running alot faster now; about 3 seconds for the calculation
as opposed to something like 12.  Still now all that it means is that I get the
same memory problem again, just quicker.  I've looked at task manager to see
what's happening as I went through the script line by line:-

mem usage for octave

2480 Kb             start
5856           loaded first matrix - size 570x720  so this is ok  570x720x8 is
about 3200 K
9064           second matrix - ok
18768               calculated C -- so 570x720x24 = about 9600 K?  Why 24 bytes
now?    (forgive my ignorance)
18832               rest of minor calculations

Ok, so apart from not understanding why it's 24, I can run the script through
once fine.  When I try and run it a second time (after 'clear') it runs out of
memory.  I was looking at a past help message that was similar to this and so
ran through the script lines a second time.  After clear the mem usage stayed at
the 18832 Kb and didn't increase when I loaded the two matrices again, it was
trying to get C that it bombed.  So what I'm asking is how can I actually
_clear_ the memory octave is using to run the script through again?
I forgot to say before that I'm running v 2.0.13 if that's needed.
I really need to be able to run octave continuously so this is a big issue for
Again any help is appreciated,

part of my revised script;

load f5hs3.txt;
load f5ls3.txt;

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