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Re: Octave needs a central site for user mfiles

From: Christopher F. Baum
Subject: Re: Octave needs a central site for user mfiles
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 08:37:46 -0500

Along these lines, I have made a start at organizing a collection of materials posted to octave-sources under the auspices of RePEc. This system currently catalogs tens of thousands of working papers (mostly in economics) and metadata on published articles in a number of journals. It has been extended to provide similar services for 'software components', such as m-files for MATLAB and Octave, Stata .ado files, GAUSS .g files, Mathematica notebooks, RATS .src files, etc. I have set up a separate RePEc 'series' for Octave, and placed materials from octave-sources posted this year into the archive. I will put materials from older octave-sources archives into this format when I have time to do so.

This format, coupled with the IDEAS front end (, allows for the provision of information about a software component's purpose (in an 'abstract'), keywords, author name and contact information, and links for downloading the component in any format from any URL. The links can include access to other materials, such as documentation, test runs, sample output, web pages, etc.

You can access the archive directly from the URL

The 'series' link will provide a list of software series currently included in RePEc, and the 'search' link will search over all software components. For instance, there are a number of MATLAB components in the SSC-IDEAS archive I maintain, some of which might be profitably ported to Octave.

I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

Kit Baum
Boston College Economics

--On Wednesday, February 2, 2000 21:36 -0500 Dirk Eddelbuettel <address@hidden> wrote:

  Doug>  The Octave community needs a central ftp site for user m-files.

A site would be easy -- what we really need is a dedicated volunteer to
order  and arrange the posts to the sources list.

Similarly, help-octave would benefit tremendously from a FAQ maintainer.

According to the latest figures, 43% of all statistics are totally

Kit Baum    address@hidden

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