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Octave on Win-NT

From: Wuensche, Tilo
Subject: Octave on Win-NT
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 13:28:27 +0100

Hi, I've a problem get octave working on WIN-NT4.0 (Service pack 6)
I've installed Cygnus gnu-win32 tools and less properly.
On installing octave a got no error. If I start octave, it takes all computing power and eats memory (currently for one day) but nothing else happens.

The Computer is supported with 32 MB RAM and a 166 Intel Pentium CPU.

Can any body give any suggestions about installing octave on WIN-NT?

Tilo Wuensche
email: address@hidden
Tel: 035973 281 31
Fax: 0351 258655 644

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