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need help to print colorly on postscript printer

From: Shih Lin
Subject: need help to print colorly on postscript printer
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 22:39:22 AKST

Dear Joao or any octave expert:

I fist copy Ted Harding's 98 Aug 16's mailing 's print.m and screen.m script and follow his example, it generate Fig1.eps in my directory, then I can using lpr Fig1.eps to print it out on my color printer but only shown black and white.

Then I copied your script print_plot, modify monochrome to color, change lp ro lpr and lift dependent to last line's end.

But when I print_plot("Fig1.eps", "P"); /* follow Ted's example shown in mailing list */ in octave, my printer immediately print, but still print white and black, I set my printer's driver as postscript, and test some webpage of it can shown color, like the main page of
it print the curve plot exactly as what I saw on web screen, but the color highlight of hyperlink, did not shown light blue color as what I saw, just print white and black.

  Do you know how to make it plot to color as what I see on screen?

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