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Octave under Xemacs

From: SZABO Sandor
Subject: Octave under Xemacs
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 17:13:09 +0000

Dear Octave users,

I'm not an Xemacs expert.
I split the XWindow. In one of them I write the Octave code,
Xemacs is in Octave mode.
In the other window I run Octave.
When I type == (double equal sign)
in Octave mode (Xemacs version 20.4) I obtain the error message
from Octave in the other window
(1) (warning/warning) Error caught in `font-lock-pre-idle-hook'
How could I avoid this? What should I do?
Thanks in advance,
                        Sandor Szabo

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