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Re: Mail Delivery failed: returning to sender.

From: eric
Subject: Re: Mail Delivery failed: returning to sender.
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 07:55:18 -0900

Super-User wrote:
> Subject: Mail Delivery failed: returning to sender
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>  Dear John:
>     When using quad, you suggest me to do
>  funtion ar = real_part(t)
>  but I get
>  ??? function ar
>  Missing operator, comma, or semi-colon
>  I type in the script of matlab, is your suggestion is Mfile?

In octave 2.1.28, actually I put my Mfile in the same directory of
octave /usr/bin
it still say my function call i.e. real_part undefined, why?  and how to
modify it?

>  im Mfile , I still need another parameter to be my complex funtion
>  exp(i*f*t)*sin(f)/f
>  f is the variable will be integrated in quad function call, t will be
>  reserved as time domain
>  to plot later.
>  I tried many times difficult do two parameter at the same time, need
>  your help again
>  if is script, what should I modify?
>  Sincerely
>  Eric(address@hidden)

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