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Re: homepage

From: etienne grossmann
Subject: Re: homepage
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:27:16 +0000 (WET)


  thank you for the answers,

From: "Christopher F. Baum" <address@hidden>
#  Check out
#  which contains several perl programs that do that.
#  Kit Baum
#  Boston College Economics
#  --On Tue, Mar 7, 2000 13:10 +0000 etienne grossmann
#  <address@hidden> wrote:
#  >   Most of the time was spent writing a perl script that will extract
#  > documentation from .m files, put them in a separate directory, tar
#  > them up and put them on the web page. Could anyone point to (easy-to-
#  > use) tools for maintaining web pages built around source code?

  Let me see ... I quicly read on 
the basics on "RePec" (Research Papers in Economics), which, iIgic is
loose database format and network of servers that use it. Did I get it
right? Would you recommend, say, creating entries for code authors as
"Persons", functions as "Papers", bundles of functions as "???" ? My
original problem was to get a list of files in a tarball, extract some
documentation from these files and update the .html files that contain
links to these archives. Can RePEc help me?



ps : When looking at files on
ideas/data/rpcscript.html, I find annoying the message below, which
appears *before* the content I'm looking for. Imho.


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