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Re: homepage octave-sources

From: etienne grossmann
Subject: Re: homepage octave-sources
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 16:02:13 +0000 (WET)


  and thank you for the answer,

#  etienne grossmann writes:
#   > 
#   >   Hello,
#   > 
#   > #  Here is the address
#   > #
#   > #  If have found a bug or you have comments please send me a mail.
#   > 
#   > *  Nice page; I just spent a good part of the morning setting up a page
#   > somewhat like yours, at
#   > 
#   >   Most of the time was spent writing a perl script that will extract
#   > documentation from .m files, put them in a separate directory, tar
#   > them up and put them on the web page. Could anyone point to (easy-to-
#   > use) tools for maintaining web pages built around source code?
#  (just an e-mail reply a octave-sources is probably not the forum to
#  discuss this)
#  I use mat2html, works great. Ufortunately the homepage seems to have
#  disappeared. If you search the web for mat2html you'll find a buch of
#  pages generated by this tool. The tool itself however is vanished.

  It can be found at

#  You can find an example of the output at

  Looks very good indeed. More good news : "mat2html" is GPL'd. And it
works (not bad, for code that is more than 5 years old). And it has a
few glitches, which I'll try to fix sometime. Basically, this is
exactly what I needed.

  Thanks a lot,


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