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Re: QUERY: what is status/recommendations for Octave + ATLAS compilation

From: Steven G. Johnson
Subject: Re: QUERY: what is status/recommendations for Octave + ATLAS compilation
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:50:21 -0500

Dennis Decoste <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>is that you may not pick up all of the BLAS from libatlas.a that might
>>>be used by libcruft.a, so really we need to omit all of the blas from
>>>libcruft if we are linking with ATLAS, and then use either
> Also, the config patch by Steven G. Johnson
> []
> seems to only be for development version of Octave, and no followup
> discussion confirmed/denyed whether it suffered from the
> same problems as the above cited approaches.

My patch completely omits the Octave BLAS (and LAPACK) from libcruft if
BLAS (and LAPACK) are installed on the user's machine, so it should make
full use of ATLAS if the ATLAS BLAS routines are installed.   (It can also
take advantage of the new LAPACK 3.0, and/or the ATLAS replacements for
some LAPACK routines if the ATLAS lapack routines are installed into the
LAPACK library as described in the ATLAS installation instructions.)

I could modify my patch to work on the current stable version without much
difficulty, I think, if people really wanted this.  I made it against the
current CVS development tree because I wanted to make it easier for JWE to
incorporate into the official version if he wanted to.  At this point, I'm
not sure how he feels about that; he hasn't really said anything to me
about it.


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