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recompile 2.1.28 in RedHat6.1 not success, need help!

From: fsshl
Subject: recompile 2.1.28 in RedHat6.1 not success, need help!
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 17:16:33 -0900

Dear expert user:

    After I updated the RedHat6.1 website's correction packages, I tried
to download octave 2.1.28
and recompile it in my i386 machine, k7 actually,

  ./configure  -host     i386

   In the make , it  have error at about 20 or 30 line s before then
ended place , as following:

./system.texi:386: Macro 'seealso' called on line 386 with too many
makeinfo: Removing output file
'/root/cctave-2.1.28/doc/interpreter/' due to error; use
--force to prepreserve.
make[3]: []Error 2 (ignored)

I did not care that first tiime, then I type make install

But after that, as I type octave in bash command line, the shell
response still be one 2.0.14 version.

How do modify the condition?  I know I can compile 2.1.28 successfully
in Suse6.2 lintel version linux.(my new ASUS mother board conflict with
suse6.2 can not boot linux)

Need and thanks your help

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