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Re:Using the downsimplex routine

Subject: Re:Using the downsimplex routine
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 14:37:16 -0700

I have tested Etienne Grossmann's 'downsimplex' routine and it was
successful in computing the example functions from the code
documentation, however, the documentation is not clear enough and I am
inexperienced enough in linear programming to understand how I could use
this routine to solve the following problem:
maximize(or minimize)  z = 3x(1) + 2x(2) +x(3)
subject to                    2x(1) + x(2) + x(3) <= 150
with x(1)>=0,x(2)>=0,x(3)>=0

I understand that Octave has been integrating more optimisation tools so
I never expected the optimisation process to be a simple one, however I
do need to know if this routine has the ability to adress this type of
linear programming problem and what steps I might take to find further
documentation on its use.

Thanks for taking the time to read,


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