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Re: win95 build

From: Douglas Steele
Subject: Re: win95 build
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 23:26:49 +0000

In article <Pine.HPP.3.96.1000316152539.5570K-
address@hidden>, Mumit Khan <address@hidden>
>> 1) could this be cygnus/win95 bug, or anything I could fix ?
>Quite possibly a Win9x issue, where the signaling code conflicts with
>some of the Win9x OS (for lack of better term ;-) code. However, this
>only shows up on certain installations -- I have run hour long build
>jobs on my laptop which runs Win98 SE and Cygwin v1.1.
>I build on Linux, and sometimes on NT, so I really don't know the 
>issues here. My last build on NT was for 2.0.14.
In the longer term I will probably upgrade to Win2000.  Since this seems
to be a merge with NT, should bug "go away" ?

>> 2) I suppose djgpp wouldn't work ?
>I wonder why not. I know djgpp doesn't implement fork() (POSIX allows
>that), but does implement other ways to run subprograms (execvp).
>It probably handles signals just fine as well.
I will try it then.

Douglas Steele

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