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Re: Default precision in Octave

From: Hans Hegeman
Subject: Re: Default precision in Octave
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2000 10:57:19 +0100

>J.B.J.W.Hegeman skryf:
>> Is there an option in octave to set the default precision?
>> Currently it seems that octave is using doubles as default precision
>> Is is possible to set this to real variables?
>This will at a minimum require extensive source code modification and
>rebuilding.  It is not a job for a non-expert.  In fact, doing any
>numerical work in single precision is also not for the non-expert.

>If I have not made myself plain yet: don't even try.  Go and do
>something safe, like driving a motorcycle on an icy road.

The only reason I was asking is:
We run a 'simple simulation' with very large matrices, the final precision
is (not yet) very important.
Matlab runs the program perfectly, but we only have a licence for Windows
and not for linux.
Therefore it would be nice to use octave, to me it seems to be a powerfull
Running the the simulation using octave gives a Memory exhausted error,
although the same program is only using 750 Mb using Windows NT 4.0 (on a 1
GB system).
I know I can change the source code of my program, store a tmp-file and what
so ever,
I only want to have a fast solution to run the simulation using linux.

Thank you for the suggestions you made, but I already was aware of that.

Look at the mailing-list for 16-3 and 17-3, some-one has the same
allocation problems as I do have using linux (Redhat 6.1)

Best regards,

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