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Install problems on Win95

From: Dorel Pica
Subject: Install problems on Win95
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2000 00:06:17 +0200


I need some help to install Octave. I'm using a  WINDOWS 95/98 platform.

Up to now I downloaded and installed Cygnus gnu-win32 tools beta 19
full development kit (cdk.exe). Installation was successfully onto
I've created directories /etc , /bin and /tmp onto C:/Cygnus/B19/..
including files
sh.exe onto /bin from C:/Cygnus/B19/H-i386-cygwin32/bin and a copy of
termcap file from C:/Cygnus/B19/H-i386-cygwin32/etc.
I've already added c:\Cygnus\b19\H-i386-cygwin32\bin to my $PATH...
I downloaded les-gnu-cygwin32.tar.gz and I copied it at C:/Cygnus/B19/ ,
but my problem occurs here....
As a result of the command: bash.exe-2.01$ tar zxf
/Cygnus/B19/less-gnu-win32.tar.gz  I've got this message:
tar (child): Cannot open archive /Cygnus/B19/less-gnu-win32.tar.gz: No
such file or directory
tar (child): Error is not recoverable: exiting now
tar: child returned status 2
tar: Error exit delayed from the previous errors

After it I was trying bash.exe-2.01$ C:/Cygnus/B19/less-gnu-win32.tar.gz
and the message was
tar (grandchild):Cannot execute remote shell: No such file or directory
tar (grandchild):Cannot open archive C:/Cygnus/B19/less-gnu-win32.tar.gz
:I/O error
tar (grandchild):Error is not recoverable: exiting now
gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
tar: Child returned status 1
tar: Error exit delayed from the previous errors
Would you help me to find out where I'm wrong, please?... because I
couldn't install less for gnuwin32.
I unpacked it with Winzip and I've got three exe files, but I didn't
know how to use it.
I'll appreciate any kind of help because I started an important project
which involves many mathematical computations,
functions and so on ...

Thank you for your time
Dipl. Eng.
Dorel Pica

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