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boxwidth of subplots

From: Matz Katja (K5/ESK5)
Subject: boxwidth of subplots
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 12:03:24 +0200


thank you very much for your quick help. For the moment I've got one more
question, concerning the boxwidth control for subplots with axis variables
of different dimensions. Is it possible to have geometrically (on the paper)
the same x-axis for the subplots e.g. easier to compare values at same times
vertically on the paper ?

for instance: 

hold on;
z = (0:0.1:10)';
data = [z, sin(z), cos(z)];
data1 = [z, sin(z)/1000, cos(z)/1000];
label = [";sin;"; ";cos;"];
for i=1:2 plot (z, data(:,i+1), label(i,:)); endfor;
for i=1:2 plot (z, data1(:,i+1), label(i,:)); endfor;
hold off;

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