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octave 2.0.16, cygwin b20.1 and gnuplot3.7

From: christophe . j . deutsch
Subject: octave 2.0.16, cygwin b20.1 and gnuplot3.7
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 15:39:05 -0500

I compiled Octave 2.0.16 under cygwin with NT4 . Everything is ok except that
I'm not able to plot anything.
The plot command has no effect. I suppose that it is related to the problem of
gnuplot which read only from the GUI and refuses to read input from stdin.
I don't know how to solve my problem (in the Read me file for windows there is a
reference to a www page
which shoul contain a patch but I haven't found any)
Can someone give me some help I would be very happy.
thank you in advance.
Christophe Deutsch

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