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vectorial IF

From: Cezar Diaconu
Subject: vectorial IF
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 17:49:51 +0900


I have a question here.

I'm imterested about a vectorial IF.
something like:

IF expr                   % here 'expr' is a matrix of 0 and 1
    statements1        % for any 1 do statements1
    statements2        % for any 0 do statements2

In fact I want to transfer implicit the pozition of 'expr' elements to the
statements (using (:,:) in place of (i,j) in FOR loops)

Suppossing there is a command which can do this faster then using normal IF
and FOR loops
please tell me.   Also I am interested about similar commands in Matlab and

I should say I'm quite new with Octave (normally I'm using Matlab).

Thank you,
Best regards


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