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matlab vs octave

From: Bouazati el M
Subject: matlab vs octave
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:05:49 +0200 (MET DST)


Who can help me to solve the following probleem:

I'm trying to read scripts, which are written in Matlab 5, in octave.

If I try to read the function newff, wich is written in Matlab 5 code to
build a neural network, I get the following error: 

error: invalid character '{'near line 12
parse error near line 12 of file /home/mustapha/neuralnet.m

>>> net=newff([0 10],[5 1], {'tansig' 'purelin'});

I have changed some routines in the file '~/.octaverc', wich should be
sufficient to make octave handling matlab 5 scripts well. But this didn't
help at all!!

Please, send me an email back if somebody can help me.

Mustapha       (student at the free university of Amsterdam)

Mustapha El Bouazati
studierichting:Bedrijfswiskunde & Informatica
divisie wiskunde en informatica
Faculteit der Exacte wetenschappen
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Email: address@hidden

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