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Saving variables in text and archive search

From: Neil Ottenstein
Subject: Saving variables in text and archive search
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 15:20:16 -0400

I was wondering if it was possible to save variables into an ascii text
file in Octave in a format other than the default ascii text format which
gives the various information about the variables and then the variables.
What I was looking for was a text file with the values in columns.  Such as
saving arrays a, b, c such that they appeared as such:

        a(1)    b(1)    c(1)
        a(2)    b(2)    c(2)
        .       .       .       
        .       .       .
        .       .       .
        a(n)    b(n)    c(n)

I didn't notice any info on this in particular in the archive years I've
looked at so far.  By the way, is there a search engine for accessing the
archive help files or do you really need to access one at a time and search?



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