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Re: building from CVS

From: Shaun Cloherty
Subject: Re: building from CVS
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 23:43:53 +1000

Ben Sapp wrote:

> I can compile from the CVS archive on IRIX with the following commands:
> << snip >>
> I tried for the first time to do this on a Linux machine.  It will
> compile every thing with the exception of

I had the same problem building from the CVS archive, issuing 'make'
separately appeared to succeed, but on further investigation I noticed a
rather obscure warning relating to gperf, which wasn't installed. I
installed gperf and all was well...... almost.

I still cannot get the 'info' files to build correctly, it seems
'octave.texi' in the doc/interpreter subdir doesn't exist..... even after a
'cvs update'. Any ideas on how to overcome this would be greatly



Shaun Cloherty
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
University of New South Wales

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