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Re: GUI & octave

From: Cederik L. De León Acuña.
Subject: Re: GUI & octave
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 11:52:40 -0500

Hello List...
I'm very interesting in the GUI for Octave and i saw the example from Matteo,
and maybe we can make some interesting "GUI Octave Project" today
i made a few lines in Tk/Tcl for a test-example with GNU Plot and a "easy" very
simple GUI. Maybe we (the interested people) can make some "sophisticated"
implementation for Octave. 
I think make the programing at very simple way. nothing to "complex" or
"elaborated a lot". but Like Octave... A excellent program...

You can see my little example bellow.

Important note:
        Sorry, the options are in spanish. (no problem?)

Best regards.
        Octave aprentice.

>This is my way of using gui with octave and tcl/tk.
> You can find attached an example.
> The octave file runs a tcl script with popen2.
> The tcl file sends command strings to octave that 
> performs the required task.
> I've only tried this on my computer, so it is 
> completely untested...
> bye,
> Matteo

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