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Re: Linear Programing

From: g940100
Subject: Re: Linear Programing
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 23:04:48 +0900


  something like this

--- MATLAB Version (R11.1) ---
 LP     Linear programming.
        X=LP(f,A,b) solves the linear programming problem:

             min f'x    subject to:   Ax <= b

        [x,LAMBDA]=LP(f,A,b) returns the set of Lagrangian multipliers,
        LAMBDA, at the solution.

        X=LP(f,A,b,VLB,VUB) defines a set of lower and upper
        bounds on the design variables, X, so that the solution is always in
        the range VLB < X < VUB.

        X=LP(f,A,b,VLB,VUB,X0) sets the initial starting point to X0.

        X=LP(f,A,b,VLB,VUB,X0,N) indicates that the first N constraints defined
        by A and b are equality constraints.

        LP produces warning messages when the solution is either unbounded
        or infeasible. Warning messages can be turned off with the calling
        syntax: X=LP(f,A,b,VLB,VUB,X0,N,-1).

Tomoaki Yamauchi
University of Tokyo, Japan

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