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finding gsview in epstk version 1.8

From: Alan Rockwood
Subject: finding gsview in epstk version 1.8
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 18:59:36 -0600

I have octave working with gnuplot on windows NT. Now I'm trying to get epstk version 1.8 working. I'm 3/4 there, but still a problem. I have gsview working as a stand alone program, and I have ghostscript/gsview partly working with octave/epstk, but there is still a problem.
For example, I run the edomo1 program that comes with epstk and it writes the plot files to disk correctly, but then when it tries to run the viewer it gives the following error:
ghostview: not found
I have the einit.m file set up as follows:

ePath='./';%default directory of epstk-mfiles

%ePath='/usr/local/share/octave/site/m/epstk/m/';%default directory of epstk-mfiles

eGhostview='ghostview -magstep -1'; %ghostview for linux

%eGhostview='c:\Program Files\Ghostgum\gsview\gsview32.exe'; %ghostview for windows

eGhostscript='gs'; %ghostscript for linux

%eGhostscript='c:\Program Files\gs\gs7.00\bin\gswin32.exe'; %ghostscript for windows


The ghosview path for windows is correct. I have checked it perhaps 20 times, including re-typing it. However, by experimentation I have concluded that there is something wrong in the two lines that setup ghostview. For example, if I change 'ghostview -magstep...' to 'ghostgum -magstep...' the error says it can't find phostgum. Likewise, if I change it to 'gsview32 -magstep...' the error says it can't find gsview32. I tried those two words because one relates to a directory name, and one relates to the executable file name. Anyway, it seem obvious that the problem is in that line, or perhaps the line that follows it.


Can anyone provide some ideas?

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