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System of ODE's

From: Dennis Bayrock
Subject: System of ODE's
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2001 18:43:05 -0600
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I am a research scientist involved in modeling yeast fermentations for the production of alcohol. I have a system of ODE's to model and am wondering if Octave is capable of handling such a system. For eg.

       dX/dt= 1+ dS/dt
       dS/dt = -2.5 * dX/dt
       dP/dt = 5 * dS/dt - 3 * dX/dt


I have already read the manual and it does mention how to set up ODE's, but it does not mention if Octave can handle a system of ODE's that are linked to one another or how one would set one up.
   Thank you for your response in advance!

       Dennis Bayrock , P.hD

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