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RE: cd problems

From: Julian DeMarchi
Subject: RE: cd problems
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 13:03:07 -0500

|> Indeed this is contrary to Windows OS convention, but remember Cygwin
|> is a Linux emulator running under Windows, so the file system
|> conventions in Octave follow Linux and Unix conventions, not Windows.
|Technically, it's not an emulator but a set of libraries that allow Unix
|programs to be recompiled under Windows with few or no changed.  AFAIK,
|you can't take Linux binaries and run them under Cygwin.  Perhaps a
|better description would be  "A Unix compatibility layer that draws
|heavily on the GNU code made popular by Linux"

OK, thanks for that.

|> On the topic you raise, though, watch out for backslashes native to
|> Windows.  For example (for reasons I do not know), if you were to type
|>      cd \
|If you type "cd \" and press enter twice, you will execute the
|command "cd" with no arguments and return to a normal prompt.

Hmm.  I hit Enter several times without success.  ^c, ^d, and ^z also 
didn't work.

- Julian

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