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problem with the PATH variable

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: problem with the PATH variable
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 22:46:22 -0500

On 13-Apr-2003, Mikolaj Krzewicki <address@hidden> wrote:

| hi all,
| i,m having a little bit of a problem with setting the searchpath in octave to 
| what i want it to be.
| I have two system binaries called "convert": one in /usr/bin and one in 
| $DELPHIROOT/bin (part of a sesmic package)
| my systemwide path is set to first look in $DELPHIROOT so it's not a problem,
| bash:>which convert
| returns /home/DELPHI/bin/convert
| but in octave calling system("which convert") returns /usr/bin/convert! (so 
| all calls to convert get me ImageMagick's convert)
| octave:7> getenv("PATH")
| ans = /usr/libexec/octave/2.1.46/site/exec/powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu:
| /usr/libexec/octave/site/exec/powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu:
| /usr/libexec/octave/2.1.46/exec/powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu:/usr/bin
| :/opt/ibm-jdk-1.3.1/jre/bin:/usr/qt/3/bin:/usr/kde/3.1/bin
| it looks like octave inherits the PATH var from the shell it's started from 
| but first it defines some of it's own INCLUDING /usr/bin
| so the question is this: how do i remove /usr/bin from the "standard" path? 
| (it is included in my own shell path anyway. but on the wrong place)
| system is:
| octave-2.1.46
| gentoo linux on ppc
| thanks in advance, Mikolaj Krzewicki

Check the docs for the --exec-path option, the OCTAVE_EXEC_PATH
environment variable, and the built-in variable EXEC_PATH.

The /usr/bin (actually $bindir, set when configure is run) is in there
so Octave can find the octave-bug script.


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