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Re: octave-forge on Mac OS X

From: Nathan Weisz
Subject: Re: octave-forge on Mac OS X
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 08:41:59 +0100

Hi Henry,

Within about 1 year octave went from 2.1.36? to 2.1.53 and therefore version
2.1.46 is already considered old?

I needed the new version mainly because of its ability to handle n-dimensional matrices. So I looked if there was an easy to install binary.

Additional difficulties to install octave on Mac, although Nathan was able
to handle it. I used Fink in Dec. 2003 and octave 2.1.46 without
octave-forge is what was installed.

Wish there would be something for me to handle :-)
Simply had to download the tar-file and type two commands into a terminal window (untar and adding /usr/local/bin to the Path). The instructions are given and can really go wrong (installed it on 3 machines in our work group by now).

However, I have not installed Octave-forge yet.



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