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Problems calling functions created with Matwrap

From: Marco Gazzoni
Subject: Problems calling functions created with Matwrap
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 17:06:31 +0100

 I'm using Octave (ver.2.0.16 under Debian ) to develop some methods for
 bio-signal processing.
 Some algorithm are very time consuming and I have written them in C. Now I
 need to call the functions from Octave.
 I have installed Matwrap but I'm not able to run the compiled function from
 Then, I have written a very simple test function but it doesn't work.

 I have a header file test.h with the prototype of the function test:

 int test(int);

 And the source file:

 int test(int val)
     val= val*2;

 To create the needed interface and the library I use the following

 matwrap -language octave test.h -o -stub
 mkoctfile -lm

 All seems to work well and no error messages are diaplayed. The following
 files are created:
 Test.m,,, test_octave.o, test_octave.oct
 When I open Octave and I run "test" from the command line Octave crashes.
 Where is the problem? Someone has some suggestions?

 Thanks for your attention, Marco

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