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Re: binary packages

From: Dirk Eddelbuettel
Subject: Re: binary packages
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 12:52:11 -0600
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On Sun, Feb 15, 2004 at 10:39:16AM -0600, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> * Dirk Eddelbuettel <address@hidden> [2004-02-15 08:25]:
> > Now, while we're at the topic of wishlists, I would like someone else to
> > join Debian and share the maintainership with me. I have put enough work in
> > over the years to not drop this like a hot potato into the lap of a random
> > Debian developer, so I'll wait some more. 
> > 
> > But the fact is that I have stopped to use Octave on a regular basis, and
> > that is not a good basis for excellence in package maintenance.  And that
> > really is what we're shooting for here.
> > 
> > Interested parties for this sub-task should feel free to mail me on- or
> > off-list.
> [Replying on-list, because there may be other Debian developers hearing
> here.]
> A good starting point would be to create a project at, and
> put your Debian files under CVS control.  IMO, giving visibility through
> alioth will be a good way to atract new volunteers.

I am aware of that, but do not think that it is a panacea. IMHO we need a
team that knows and trusts each other first.  Just opening an archive leads
way too easily to the 'sourceforge effect' of an initial surge with some
people signing .... only to flip into utter inertia as everubody is waiting
for other to actually do the work.

So first comes the old "Show me the code ..."  :)


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