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Re: Axis autoscaling works but gives wrong ans?

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: Axis autoscaling works but gives wrong ans?
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004 21:28:42 -0500

On Feb 16, 2004, at 7:42 PM, John W. Eaton wrote:

On 23-Jan-2004, Henry F. Mollet <address@hidden> wrote:

| Axis autoscaling works but gives wrong ans?
| Henry
| - Function File:  axis (LIMITS)
|      Set axis limits for plots.
|  Without any arguments, `axis' turns autoscaling on.
| octave:1> x=y = (0:10)';
| octave:2> plot (x,y)        % will use default axis = autoscaling
| octave:3> axis ([-1, 11, -1,11])
| octave:4> replot            % will use axis ([-1, 11, -1,11])
| octave:5> axis % should turn on autoscaling but gives wrong
| ans?
| ans =
|    -1   11   -1   11
| octave:6> replot % autoscaling was turned on, thus ans not correct.
| octave:7> axis
| ans =
|    -1   11   -1   11

Unfortunately, there is currently no way for axis to query the current
plot to get the limits of the data and give you those numbers.  I'm
not sure what else it can do here.  What should it return as values if
autoscaling has been turned on?

I've been tempted in the past to keep track of the data range
on the octave side so that axis could return something
reasonable.  It's a kludge, but I think it would work.  It would
work even better if octave took complete control of the axes
and never let gnuplot set them.

Paul Kienzle

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