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Problem between Octave2.1.50 and OCST / hold does not work?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Problem between Octave2.1.50 and OCST / hold does not work?
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 13:10:27 -0600

On 18-Feb-2004, 
=?tis-620?Q?=C8=D8=B7=B8=D4=EC?= <address@hidden> wrote:

| >From my last post, I would like to confirm that there may have some
| conflict between Octave2.1.50 and OCST. The following code does not work
| for version 2.1.50a (precompiled Windows and precompiled Mandrake) but
| works on version 2.1.42 (precompiled Windows).
| >> motor = tf2sys([4500],[1 361.2 0]);
| >> PI = tf2sys([1 0.1],[1 0]);         % This is PI so it is proper TF (1
| pole/1 zero)
| >> G = sysmult(motor,PI);
| >> bode(G)

This seems to work for me with the current CVS sources.

| Anyway, I can not use hold command for both 2.1.50 and 2.1.42. This
| command is not implemented yet?

What do you mean by "can not use hold command"?  The hold function for
telling Octave to add new lines to an existing plot has been available
in Octave for almost 10 years now.


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