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Re: More on binary packages and FFTW/ATLAS

From: Per Persson
Subject: Re: More on binary packages and FFTW/ATLAS
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 22:40:00 +0100

On Feb 20, 2004, at 20:32, John W. Eaton wrote:

We could do something similar, where Octave would not actually be
linked with a Lapack or Blas library, but would dlopen them and look
up functions as needed (or at startup, to fill in a table) and then
call the linear algebra functions via pointers.  This way, it would be
easy to switch from one linear algebra package to another, perhaps
even at run time if you really wanted to do that.  Should we make a
change like this?

As long as the old way is still around, it's OK with me.
The above change is however fundamentally incompatible with OS X.


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