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Re: error compiling octave-forge-2004.02.12

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: error compiling octave-forge-2004.02.12
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 13:17:01 -0500

On Feb 21, 2004, at 1:05 PM, Dmitri A. Sergatskov wrote:

David L wrote:
I apologize if this is the wrong list. If so, please point me to the right one.

The "octave-help-list" perhaps would be more appropriate; forwarded accordingly.

bug-octave seems more appropriate to me, so long as John doesn't
mind, but whatever.

When attemping to compile octave-forge-2004.02.12
gcc version 3.3.2 20040119 (Red Hat Linux 3.3.2-8)
on fedora core 2 test 1


It appears to me that you compiling octave-forge against stock redhat
octave. That version does not have --enable-shared option which is
required for octave forge. It has other shortcomings as well: it uses
a reference version of BLAS and fftpack.

Thanks for the diagnosis.  I would have had trouble with this one.

Quentin Spencer has RPM's on the octave wiki:
Somewhere under Install Octave links.  I don't know
which red hat systems they work on.

If octave is not compiled with --enable-shared, then octave-forge
configure should detect this and not try to build any oct-files.  A
simple hack is to set MKOCTFILE to ':'.  The proper solution is to
modify all the leaf makes so that target all does nothing if
HAVE_SHARED is not defined.  Feel free to contribute patches ;-)

Paul Kienzle

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