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bivariate linear Regression with correlated errors

From: Andreas Gaab
Subject: bivariate linear Regression with correlated errors
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:55:28 +0100

Due to lack in statistics, I could need some help...

-my data set is bivariate with highly correlated errors. 
-I need to calculate a weighted linear regression with a standard error on the 
-wpolyfit.m takes only  dy ...
and my knowlege is too small to use basic statistics.

Is there a possibility to enhance wpolyfit.m or can it be done with gls or ols 

The reference in literature, I would like to apply is:
York, 1969, Least squares fitting of a straight line with correlated errors, 
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 5
Williamson 1968, Least-squares fitting of a straight line, Can. J. Phys. 46

Thanks a lot in advance!

             Andreas S. Gaab                   
      Max-Plank-Institut f"ur Chemie



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