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Re: Octave Code Manual?

From: JD Cole
Subject: Re: Octave Code Manual?
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:23:22 -0800
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As far as I know, there isn't a "code doc" for Octave, but it's very well designed c++. You might try using doxygen on the src tree to produce some documentation to help you find your way.

In the short term, there are two types of functions that you may be interested in finding: built-in and dynamic. In the source the builtins are defined like the following:

DEFUN (eye, args, ,
 ".....endless function doc string here...")

eye, as you can see by typing "help eye" in the Octave interpreter, is a builtin function, all builtin functions are aggregated into a single file,, at compile time. Since many, if not all, builtin functions are defined in groups, and consequently, single files, you may try using grep in the Octave "src" directory like this:

grep -lr "DEFUN (eye" *

where eye can be replaced with any of the builtin functions.

Dynamically loaded function may emanate from more than source tree, if you have installed octave-forge. Generally, dynamically loadable files are found in a .cc file of the same name, for example lsode is found in Those included with Octave can be found in src/DLD-FUNCTIONS/ or you could use the grep "cheat" above.

On the subject of parallizing Octave things, I've done a bit of work, some of it loosely based on OpenMP. I be interested in hearing about your angle, if you're so inclined.


FYI, you may get better responses to questions about Octave code if you post to address@hidden

Clinton Chee wrote:

Dear John Eaton and Octave Minders,

I am starting the task to parallelize Octave using OpenMP on SMP machines (64bit). Is there documentation (Not Users Manual) on the layout and structure of the code?

For example, say I want to optimize the Matlab function "eye". Is there documentation that leads me into the appropriate source file where the "eye" code is found?

Thanks for your help.


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