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cell array, mkoctfile and vtk

From: Philipp.Batchelor
Subject: cell array, mkoctfile and vtk
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 03:06:59 -0600
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I want to write c++ .oct octfiles linked with VTK, (Visualization Toolkit), in order to use some VTK features in octave. And this works, in the sense I have for example used a vtkPNGReader (there are easire ways to read a png in octave for sure) to read a png file. The octave output was a Matrix object. (I should point out that I just started writing oct files, I just had a look at the oregonator example, and 'guessed' there must be a class called Matrix).

Now, most of the applications I would have in mind would be multidimensional in some sense, e.g. doing a volume rendering, or tensor images etc...i.e. would require some form of multidimensional array, and I thought of using cell arrays:

img{sl} contains slice sl,

and this seems fine in a .m file, but if for example the volume is read in c++, it would require to create the cell array inside the c++ octfile; so, my question is: what is the octave syntax in c++ for assignments like

img{n}(i,j) = voxel_value

I tried to grep and google, but couldn't pinpoint this. Of course, in the long term multidimensional arrays will be the solution.

Anyone has a suggestion?

By the way, not sure I'm using the correct mailing list for this questions, apologies if it's the wrong one


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