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Re: Drawing several plots in one file, EPS files

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: Re: Drawing several plots in one file, EPS files
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 21:45:38 -0700
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Henry F. Mollet wrote:
Thanks. I think it worked but I'll have to be able to view an eps file.
3. I've downloaded and "installed?' ghostsript with finkcomander but I don't
know how to use it. I have a 2.3 MB file
ghostscript-8.00-3_darwin-powerpc.deb file in

If you indeed installed it (try "gs -h" at command prompt) you can convert
eps to pdf using command line utility "ps2pdf". "ps2pdf filename.eps"
should produce filename.pdf.

If you are lucky you should also have installed "epstopdf" which is
somewhat better in handling bounding box of the eps file, but
I do not think it is a standard utility in ghostscript.

Long time ago there were a program MacGSview which was a frontend to
ghostscript, but I do not think it has been supported past MacOS 8.x.

ghostscript can convert postscript to different formats suitable for
different raster devices; X11 is just one such device (actually mine
has eleven different X11 devices: x11 x11alpha x11cmyk ... x11gray4 x11mono
etc...). So, generally speaking you do not need X11 to use ghostscript.



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