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Compiling matlab R13 .m file

From: Miha Kralj
Subject: Compiling matlab R13 .m file
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 19:03:11 +0100
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I need help on this issue:

octave will interprete correctly this:
Skol_skupni(:,:,a) = sortrows(Skol_skupni(:,:,a),1);

but not this:
Skol_skupni(:,:,a) = [Skol_skupni(1:size(Skol_skupni,1)-1,:,a); hn0(c,a) 
Skol_skupni(1,2:(size(Skol_skupni,2)-1)/2+1,a) tmp];

I get an error that says:
number of rows must match (38 != 1)

In matlab this interpretes just fine.
I have installed the most recent Octave v. 2.1.55 with multidimensional array 

What am I missing?

Thanks, Miha

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