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what's wrong with the plot?

From: Gunnar
Subject: what's wrong with the plot?
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 12:26:42 +0200
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I'm using octave in linux, and I have created a plot with these commands

y=[97 89 67 62 50 41 35 25];
gset terminal postscript eps
gset output 'antal2004.eps'
plot(x,y,';verkligt antal;',x,exp(yp),';exponentiellt bortfall;');

The result "antal2004.eps" looks fine in ghostview, it also looks fine when I 
preview the image in LyX (the latex "frontend" which I'm using to write a 
paper). N.B. this preview is the preview inside of LyX, not the 
"View->postscript" way.
But when I produce a postscript file from LyX, then  graphics is messed up. 
The same messy graph is there if I print the file also.

The messy graph, well, hard to explain, so I attach a screenshot (enlarged)

Does anyone know what's wrong? I'm not even sure this is the right forum for 
this question, but I guess at least someone can tell me if I've used gset in 
a correct way.


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